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To obtain or replace a pool key, contact RS Fincher at 919-362-1460. You will be required to appear in person to pick up the key. They cannot be mailed to you. You can also email them at info@rsfincher.com or go to their website at www.rsfincher.com for more information.
Neighborhood News
Staffing Changes At The Pool
Posted on Aug 10th, 2022
According to the pool management company, AMG, beginning tomorrow the pool will no longer have an attendant on-staff during the weekdays. There will be a pool attendant on the weekends. During the week, a member of AMG staff will visit the pool daily to check on the water and to make sure the pool deck and bathroom facilities are clean. 
This staffing change will remain in effect through the remainder of the pool season.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email RS Fincher at info@rsfincher.com or the board at braxtonhoa@gmail.com.
Thank you,
Braxton Village Board of Directors
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Upcoming Events
Braxton Village 2022 Events
Monday, April 25th to Wednesday, November 30th
Dates in Black are Food Trucks
Dates in Red are other events being planned. A ? means it has not yet been confirmed, more information to come.
May 21 – Spring Yard Sale
May 26 – Off the Hog
June 3 – All American
June 10 – Buffolina 
June 17 – 3 Jays
June 18 – Father’s Day Activity?
June 26 – Cousins Maine Lobster
July 8 – Tacos Mama Chava
July 16 – by the Grace
July 29 – Jessica’s Food Truck
August 6 – NC Bulkogi
August 14 – Gussy’s Greek Street Food
August 19 – Cousins Maine Lobster
August 23 – Off the Hog
August 26 – All American
September 9 – Tacos Mama Chava
September 17 – Fall Yard Sale
September 18 – Paddy Wagon
September 23 – Jessica’s Food Truck
September 30 – By the Grace
October 7 – Buffolina 
October 21 – All American
October 29 – Trunk or Treat at pool?
October 30 – Chirba Chirba
November 24 – Thanksgiving Turkey Trot?