Neighborhood General Info

Dear Neighbors/Residents,
Duke Energy has asked the following statement to be shared with our community: 
"Dear Neighbor, This letter is to inform you about upcoming construction activity in your area as part of Duke Energy’s Holly Springs Utley Creek project.
As you may be aware, we are building a new substation and transmission line on the Duke Energy property behind the Braxton Village and Holly Glen neighborhoods. As we prepare the ground for the substation, you may hear bursts of noise and experience vibrations. Duke Energy contractors will monitor the vibration and construction noise to ensure they do not exceed standard thresholds.
This activity is scheduled to begin this week and last for several weeks. It will be periodic and not continuous.
As a reminder, it is unlawful to access Duke Energy’s private property, and it should not be used for recreation. This is for the safety of you, your neighbors and our project team. If you have questions about this project, feel free to reach out to us at 866.297.5886 or by email at CarolinasEast@duke-energy.comand reference “Holly Springs Utley Creek.”
Please email or RS Fincher if you have any questions.
The Braxton Village HOA Board