Board of Directors

The Braxton Village Board of Directors is the governing body of the Braxton Village neighborhood. Board members are elected from and by the homeowners of the community. During each Annual Meeting, at least one (1) Board position is available. The Annual Meeting is in November each year, and all Braxton Village homeowners are eligible to submit their name for nomination to be on the Board. Braxton Village can have up to seven (7) Board members.
Once Board members are elected during the Annual meeting by the members of the Association, the Board convenes to elect officers from among the Board. There are four (4) officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary:
  • President: Primarily responsible for leading and managing the day-to-day needs of the HOA and Board of Directors
  • Vice President: Steps in to the President's role when the President is unavailable, and performs other tasks as needed
  • Treasurer: Primarily responsible for handling the monies of the association, whether cash inflow or outflow; also responsible for proposing the annual budget
  • Secretary: Primarily responsible for maintaining mailing lists, logging meeting minutes, and communications for the Board of Directors 
Non-officer positions are considered Members-at-Large. These members have the same voting power as any other Board position, and may hold committee head positions, but they do not have any other stated responsibilities, although additional responsibilities may be assigned. 
Board members are not paid, nor do they receive any type of compensation for their time and efforts. Furthermore, Board members must not engage in behavior, nor engage in contracts that can be, or have the appearance of being, a conflict of interests. For more information on the Braxton Village Board of Directors, please see the neighborhood covenants. 
  • President - Stephanie Harris (2025)
    • 549 Texanna Way
  • Vice President - Michelle Santino (2024) 
    • 104 Tyler Gate Lane
  • Treasurer - Travis Bash (2026)
    • 1516 Dexter Ridge Drive
  • Secretary - Georgia Haley (2024)
    • 216 Trevor Ridge Drive
At-Large Members
  • Josh Sailsbery (2026)
    • 225 Hornholly Way
  • Misty D'Amico (2026)
    • 108 Holly Thorn Trace
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