Architectural Standards

The Braxton Village Architectural Standards & Covenants are the guiding documents for any change to homeowners personal property in Braxton Village. If you are looking to make architectural or landscaping changes/modifications to your home and/or property, you are responsible for reviewing the Covenants & Architectural Standards to ensure that you receive the proper approvals. See the links to the left to view these documents. 
Some changes require approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and/or the Town of Holly Springs (examples: driveway expansions, fences, etc.) Please follow the ARC submission process (below) for any changes requiring ARC review. 
Architectural Request Submission Process:
  1. ARC Request form to be completed and submitted by homeowner to the community management company (R.S. Fincher)
  2. Community management company will check request for required documents and completion. Any incomplete requests will be returned to homeowner administratively denied
  3. Completed request will be date stamped indicating the date the Community Management company received the completed request
  4. Community Manager will assign a number to the request and log it in their system
  5. Request will be mailed to ARC committee chairman for review by the committee
  6. Decision on request will be made within thirty (30) days of the date stamped by the Community Manager as received completed
  7. Decision to be forwarded to Community Manager by ARC chairman
  8. Community Manager will send appropriate notifications (ie. email, letter, phone) to homeowners notifying them of the committee’s decision
***Please note: All exterior modifications to the property must be submitted in writing and written approval received from the Architectural Review Committee through the Management company BEFORE the start of any modification. Avoid costly, time-consuming, issues that may arise from not receiving the proper approvals.