Braxton Village Committees:
Committees are funded by, and work at the direction of, the Homeowners Association Board of Directors and are governed by a Board approved Committee Charter. Below, you'll find a description of the committees in Braxton Village and a link to the approved Committee Charter. If you would like more information regarding these committees, or if you are interested in joining a committee, please reach out to the Board of Directors. 
Architecture Review Committee (ARC): 
The ARC is responsible for maintaining a community which is aesthetically pleasing, functionally convenient, protective of the owner's investment, and adheres to the Architectural Standards and Covenants of the neighborhood by approving or disapproving requests for architectural changes to existing properties. 

Pool Committee: 
The Pool Committee is responsible for overseeing and submitting written updates and suggestions to the Board regarding pool operations, performance of the contractor (pool company), and assisting the social committee with any events at the pool. Day-to-day supervision of the contractor should be avoided, as this is handled by the Community Manager. 
Social Committee:
The Social Committee is responsible for planning events throughout the year to improve neighborhood relationships and help to foster a sense of community within Braxton Village and with the Town of Holly Springs. In addition to other events the Committee decides to host, the Committee is responsible for an annual pool party and two annual community yard sales, where appropriate. 
Welcome Committee: 
In order to help foster a sense of community, the Welcome Committee is responsible for engaging and welcoming new homeowners to Braxton Village. The Committee is responsible for delivering Welcome Packages in-person to new homeowners. 
Community Watch: 
The Braxton Village Community Watch is not a committee, nor is it governed by the Association Board of Directors. Community Watch is a separate organization that works on behalf of residents of the Braxton Village. Click here to access the Community Watch page. 
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