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Pool Key Replacement
Posted on Jun 14th, 2019

**Please read this in it's entirety, including FAQ, before sending questions. Use the this link to download the forms referenced in this email:*


Braxton Village Residents,


Earlier this season, the card/fob access system that residents use to unlock the gates at the pool suffered a critical failure. We have been limping along for a month, but we are now forced to replace the system. A new key card will be issued to each household at no charge to the homeowner.


We realize this is a hassle, but the Board of Directors, and R.S. Fincher, want to make picking up the new cards as simple as we can (see FAQ below on why new cards cannot be mailed.)


Keys are available for pickup at the Braxton Village Pool on the days below (please note, pickup procedure is different for homeowners and renters): 

  • Monday, June 17: 4pm to 8pm 
  • Tuesday, June 18: 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday, June 22: 9am to noon
  • Saturday, June 29: 9am to noon



Requirements for Pickup: 

  1. Complete a Braxton Village Pool Registration Form & Sign (provided on the link above). Forms will be available at pickup, but it will save everyone time to complete & sign in advance!
  2. Pool keys must be picked up and signed for by an adult with a State/Federal issued photo ID or a utility bill (paper or digital) showing the household address.
  3. RENTERS & LESSEES ONLY: Use the form provided on the link above to view and download the form that must be signed by the homeowner granting access for the tenant to pick the key. Key cards will not be given to renters without this form signed by the homeowner.

If you are not able to make it to the pool during these times to pickup your pool key, pool keys will be available for pickup during R.S. Fincher business hours in their office in Apex (see FAQ for their address & contact information). The same identification & documentation is required, regardless of pickup method. 


The new system will be installed on Tuesday, June 18th. An attendant will be onsite during their posted hours to check residents against the neighborhood homeowners list for residents who have not yet received their pool key. This will be the process until Saturday, June 29th, and then you will be denied entry and told to go to the R.S. Fincher office to receive a key. 



Why did the current system fail? 

In short, because it's 8 years old. The technology is more than 8 years old, and because it's proprietary to Kerri Systems there is no way to update the software. Due to the age and the technology used, the software side of the system crashed and cleared all the data in the system, with no way to recover. This means that we cannot use the old cards.


Why do I need a new card? 

There are two reasons: 1) All the data on the old cards was wiped when the system crashed. This means that household information is no longer linked to the cards currently in circulation. 2)The old system was a propriety system (Kerri brand) that only accepted specific cards. The new system will make use of non-proprietary source hardware (system & cards) and software that we shouldn't need to issue new cards ever again. 


How many pool keys will be issued? 

One key will be issued per household.


Why can't pool keys be mailed? 

The pool key is a proxy card that has an antenna and send/receives radio signals. These cards cannot be sent in the mail, by regular envelope, and the cost to mail in approved boxes would require all residents to pay for shipping. To save residents money, and to make it easier on our community managers, pool keys will NOT be mailed. 


How do I contact the community management company (R.S. Fincher)? 

Address: 315 S. Salem St. Suite 500 Apex, NC 27502

Phone: (919) 362-1460



Braxton Village HOA

Board of Directors